Community of Spiritual Like Minded Beings who have a talent and passion for Life to share and create Heaven on Earth.

My Mission is to share my knowledge with the Courses, Workshops and Healing for your awareness to be your true self at one with all that is, Namaste .

Welcome   To   this   Spiritual   Community   of    Finders   &   Seekers   , Networking   and   Co-Creating   Heaven   on   Earth .
A   Community  of   Spiritual   Like   Minded   Beings   with  the  opportunity to learn in  a Classroom the many Spiritual  Courses  that  are available  here  on  The Crystal Gateway *****




Our  Academy  has  many   Workshops  &  Courses  to  Heal  and  to  Heal  others !  Local  or  Online!

Has Isis called you to train as her High Priestess?.......

 Then you have come to the right place......
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The Crystal Gateway Welcomes all with Love , light and Blessings of Gratitude~
 We are a Family of Light ,

 We invite you to join us if you are called to our newest Course in June ~ "Opening to Channel your Spirit Guides"  .....................

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Ra & Isis Protect this Site always, Namaste.