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About Me.

My Spiritual journey really started when I was 4 years old because that was when I was first told I had Ra the Sun God with me by the natives in Papua, New Guinea.

We were living there because my Father was transferred to work in Qantas as an engineer with my Mother & Brother.

Each day the natives would come at 5 oçlock and beat their drums which I loved but was curious as to why so decided this day to ask and they pointed above my head and said ”We worship Ra, Sun God ” it didn’t make any sense to me at all and of course Mum & Dad just laughed it off.

Nothing more was said or thought about it or anything Egyptian until we went on a trip to Egypt when I was 13 yrs and then there was no fencing around the Pyramids ,we could stand right next to them and for some reason I felt like hugging the walls,they had an energy that was so warm and inviting to me I couldn’t explain to Mum who was asking why I was hugging them instead of writing about them for school, that was far too boring to me when I could feel this magical energy flowing into me. This was when the name Ra came into my thoughts

We traveled a lot because my Father was with Qantas and the thing that happened on our travels was I knew places that I had never been in this life anyway whether I was remembering past life memories or my intuition was coming forward I am not sure but Dad started calling me Wendy the Witch because I knew where to go for a coffee or where the next place to stay was.

Actually one of the coffee shops in Venice that I described was not serving coffee when we arrived, it was selling antiques but the lady politely told us it was a very popular coffee shop 100 years ago, Dad went a little pale & ushered us out shaking his head at me.

Those were my fun years and my spirituality was growing within and staying that way because I knew it was safer at that time.

Of course traumas block intuition if you let it and I let it for many years because there were traumas when the most beautiful time was when I was expecting my daughter I became ill with clots in my legs so I was hospitalised for most of my pregnancy so there was none of the fun of having baby showers and fun with girlfriends or even wearing the latest maternity clothes, I was stuck with Nighties.

The happiest part was she was born normal & beautiful, the happiest day of my life, Natasha Louise, I even knew her name & sex long before she was born, I was still ill and had to return to hospital after as I repeatedly kept getting clots in my lungs & this went on for the next 4 years which was a lot of trauma for all my parents, husband, my daughter & me.

I was not expected to live many times and I did cross over 5 times in all the surgeries I have had and I just was not ready to go even though it was a lot more peaceful than what I was going through at that time.

There was more major illness that I went through with back surgery and was not meant to walk again but I decided that was not going to be so after quite a struggle and much support I do walk.

I was a Ladies Hairdresser for 35 years and I found working in a person’s aura was so easy to know so much about that person even though, to begin with, I didn’t realise what I was doing, I would tell them things they need to know which would amaze them and they would ask how I know this information to their answer would be”I don’t know I just know I have to tell it to you”, this was my beginning of being a Psychic Hairdresser”lol, from there I was asked to read at a Crystal shop and the rest is history.

My spiritual self I felt I have protected always & even though I was having a hard time I believed it would be better some day and it was that hope that carried me through.

The next part of my journey began studying every Healing Modality I could to help others as I know myself about prolonged illnesses and I would love to teach others to heal themselves as I was helped with knowledge.

This is when I felt the energy of Ra become stronger and the messages from him also were a daily event as well as in Readings also he gave the instructions for the classes, yes he was the Teacher.

This is also when Isis became my Spirit Guide and she also ordained me as I was her High priestess in a past life with her, so we meet again and now we train other High Priestesses.

I found myself when I met my true soul mate who accepts me totally for who I am and that allowed me to open up to all of my spiritual gifts and Be who I am and that is a truly beautiful gift someone can give you, Ashley, my husband now has given me.

“My Passion now in life is if I can make a difference in one person’s life every day I am happy”

Everything I do is from my heart, I love to Heal, it gives me me so much pleasure to hear that anyone who has has a healing from me tells me of their improvement of how much they are healing or even they no longer have pain,and to Teach is to share and knowledge is power so I want so much to give back your power the power you already have but have forgotten about.

Everyone has the power within to heal themselves and the power to create the life they dream about, all they need is a little guidance to help them re-member, put themselves back together as their true authentic self.

When that day comes they are awake and enlightened.

That day is when the divine ego has taken over the altered ego and faith is restored, and no longer fear is necessary.

A true Lightworker who is connected to the higher realms.


                    Rosalie Dehmuir

Usui Reiki 1 hour - $65

Usui Karuna Reiki 1 hour - $65

Seichem -1 hour - $65 

Kinesiology - $65 per hour

The Journey $65 per hour 

Gestational Integration $120

Past Life Regression $120

Hypnosis $120

Spiritual Iridology Iris Analysis $120

Gematria (Egyptian Numerology) $65

30 min discussion about Gematria extra $25

Palmistry $75

Channeled Reading $75

All Consultations by Appointment only.

I reside & live on the Gold Coast of Australia so either I see you personally or by Skype.

email [email protected]

My Personal Services;
I like to have a 15 min consultation with you  before a Healing as I like to choose which would be the best Modality to use and this is a decision we both make.
It is always be good to come very open, often some will come with needing a reading however we have finished up with 3/4 having a healing with Reiki and it was exactly what was needed so be ready,your body knows, Namaste!