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Site Guidlines for all Members

Setting Up Your Profile

Site Guidlines for all Members

  1. What does the Site require from me as a Member.

    We at the Crystal Gateway welcome all and ask that you respect our Sacred Sanctuary of Sharing, Learning , Loving and Creating a peaceful, positive atmosphere at all times .

    We encourage you to advertise your Talents and share your passions by adding whole pages as long as you receive approval/permission from myself or Administrators of the site.

    Our dedicated team is here for you to ask questions , receive advice and to make sure all runs smoothly on site.

    Spam will be deleted immediately and we also ask that you give proper credit to authors of material you may share by respecting copyright regulations.

    The Crystal Gateway is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content posted on this site.

     Enjoy your stay.:)


  2. Why Did I join The Crystal Gateway ?

    Simply to BE You and share with us !

    "Love is you and Love is your name"

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How To......

  1. How to POST A VIDEO

    You may have a video you feel you want to share, but do not know how to post it on this site. Here is a step by step list that may prove helpful:

    1. Select video...my example uses videos from You Tube.com

    2. Clicked the box marked " <Embed> "

    3. Select Box: Show Border

    4. Select Box: Enable Privacy Enhanced Mode

    5. Choose a border color

    6. Choose the size of the video

    7. Now take your mouse and right click the yellow box marked: with the initial words---object width--it will be blue after you have clicked it. This has copied the video information allowing you to post to this site.

  2. How do I post in the Forum or Blogs & Channeled messages.?

    I. If you are writing directly on to a comment box ,its easy just print and to place a pic on the post just pic the icon with a picture and you will be asked to place the url into a little box that pops up.

    2 However if you are copy & pasting it will only work if you click on the far right hand icon that says (edit HTML source) backspace anything there and paste ,then you need to place a <BR> between sentences or paragraphs to give you readable content.

    Previw what you have written by reclicking the HTML button and submit.

    Then if you wish to share what you have posted on facebook of blogs/channeling or sharing, click on share & like which will go directly to your profile.

    Hope this has helped, it takes a while to find your way around sites & I like to make it easier for you, Namaste

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Setting Up Your Profile

  1. Placing Pictures on Your Profile

    The only place Webs have made a place for us to place pictues as my Profile is where you are asked Questions abut yourself when you first joined

    Make yourself a photobucket account which is free with millions of pictures which gives you codes & you use the html code to copy & paste to add your picture and there you have as many as you can fit, I have the maximum so good luck.

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