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Reply Rhea
5:19 AM on September 16, 2017 
thanks Rosalie for your warm welcome, I am happy to be here and will share what's on my mind as well blogs I am and have been writing , like my Heartfelt Messages. May we inspire and find inspiration in the connections here within the group and each other
Reply Isis
1:37 PM on April 30, 2017 
Thank you for sharing, Rosalie! I truly am feeling that Goddess Isis has been working with me especially at the time of preparing for my exam and on exam day too. Now that I have my license, it feels liberating to go forward with my dream of opening a wellness center dedicated to the Goddess Isis. This has been incredible energetic time for me and I can feel all my guides and allies working together right now.
Reply Moonbeam
3:15 AM on March 26, 2017 
Thanks for adding me. I am so excited to connect more with like minded people 😁
Reply Leslie
9:44 PM on September 13, 2016 
Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Rosalie! If you don't mind, I would love to share the story of what brings me here and get your (or another member's) thoughts on it. Several years ago, I attended a guided past life regression meditation. Coming out of it, I was fairly frustrated as others described their experiences vividly, and all I saw were some symbols and a word, "Eshtar". Fast forward to the last few months. I went through a painful break-up and I visited a woman who does readings and angel messages. Her stories so closely align with mine, that we kept talking for an hour after our appointment time ended and she offered me a discount on energy healing because she said that working with me was healing to her as well (I've known this woman for years and she NEVER up sells services, I had no doubt about her sincerity). Last week, I learned that I will be losing my job at the end of this month, so I reached out to her to schedule that healing session. Once again, we went well over the allotted time. During the session, she told me she felt Isis present. She said she had never experienced or felt her before, but that Isis was there to assist in my healing. As she worked, she told me the story that was coming to her. She said that I was a high priestess of Isis many lives ago, and that I was very highly revered by the people I served, and I loved them deeply. Unfortunately, something happened that decimated my village. She said I blamed myself for their demise, believing I should been able to have done something to prevent it. Since that time, I have lived many lifetimes where I have been unable to step back into my power, afraid I would somehow fail in my responsibilities. However, she said this is the lifetime that I am to change that. I am intended to step into my power and realize my full potential. Of course, this was a surprising thing to hear, and I told her of my previous past life regression experience and its frustration. She encouraged me to look further into it, so I did some research and learned that Eshtar is another spelling for Ishtar, a goddess worshiped by the Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians for many of the same things that the Egyptians worshiped Isis for. Further reading revealed that some people consider Ishtar and Isis to be the same goddess, given different names by different cultures. I will admit that this is all new to me, and I am simply repeating what I have learned, I don't claim to have any deeper knowledge. But, the story she told resonated with me, and I immediately recognized the pattern of fear of failing those whose care has been entrusted to me. Especially in the workplace, where my team consistently expresses their gratitude for my compassionate leadership, yet I still worry that I am not doing enough. So that is my story, I welcome any interpretations or thoughts :-). Thank you for accepting me here!
Reply Rev Rosalie Dehmuir
7:25 PM on May 7, 2016 
I realise what you mean by the dates you joined, you certainly are meant to be here Hun, so happy you are Love & Goddess Blessings xxxx
Reply Edaine
11:15 PM on April 30, 2016 
Oh my....just seeing this now. It looks like I was led here a while ago, but did not know about the training.
Thank you, Rosalie. : )
Reply Raven
1:04 PM on March 19, 2016 
Thank you Rosalie for your friendly warm welcome and our special talk it is really amazing to be a full member now and find it very rewarding and thanks again to Isis for making this possible I am so glad hope to be able to make valuable contributions in the future and am really looking forward to forming strong bonds with the sisterhood. Thank you again Goddess bless
Reply Sahara
7:29 PM on February 29, 2016 
Oh, hello Rev Rosalie. Just read yr message to me today Feb 29/16. Thankyou. It was quite a leap in consciousness that led me to your site and what a comfort to know that so many miles away is someone and many others who are connected and interested in these matters. We are more neighbors of "the global village" as Marshall McCluhan would say, than our own next door neighbors.
Reply Owen
12:21 PM on September 14, 2015 
Is a member's email address published online?
Reply Denise
11:10 AM on June 22, 2015 
Thank you Rosalie, I will share some of my journey soon. For now though I will listen and learn. It is all clicking into place and the pieces are fitting together perfectly.
Reply Vera Daroga
11:23 PM on February 16, 2015 
I am happy to spread the Light in the world, and I thank you for giving me the platform to do so. I will send you the healing energy so that you are restored to perfect health. Good luck and get well soon! Love, Vera
Reply sheeta
1:41 PM on October 6, 2014 
Hello Rosalie
thanks for the welcome,
I am loooking forward for the messages you will get and I why you had to do the reunion of the Isispriesteres ses from long agoo
Reply Marilyn
9:49 PM on August 28, 2014 
Thankyou Rosalie for your warm welcome. It was wonderful to speak with you yesterday and I look forward to a wonderful journey with you and others connected to this family.
Reply twinfeatherz
7:44 AM on August 8, 2014 
Thanx Rosalie... I look forward to meeting you too.... I hope to see you at the next meditation... will let you know next week sometime.
Reply twinfeatherz
7:44 AM on August 8, 2014 
Thanx Rosalie... I look forward to meeting you too.... I hope to see you at the next meditation... will let you know next week sometime.
Reply Jewels
12:01 AM on April 15, 2014 
Hi Rosalie, Just touching base have you received my payment for a reading? I sent it through paypal. The best time if it is not to late in Australia if you want at 5:30 am which would be 9:30 pm your time. please let me know so I can expect your call. Thank you Julie
Reply Laima
7:59 AM on February 21, 2014 
Thank you Rosalie!
Reply Joey
7:45 AM on February 21, 2014 
Here you GO.
Reply Linda Murray
7:58 PM on February 18, 2014 
Hi Rosalie, thanks for the Welcome message!
Reply BrandonF
2:06 AM on February 9, 2014 
Hello Rosalie!! Is is cooling off any there in Australia??