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" Opening to Channel your Spirit Guides"

$315.00 $450.00

I, Rosalie Muir have taught this Course since 1999.


9 weeks Course -3 full hour s Per Class each week, Investment details below.

Ra and Isis are my main, most prominent guides and give guidance & messages throughout the course.

A Certificate at the End of Course will be sent to you as well as an MP3 to assist you further .

You will be guided through exercises that will remove any blocks to becoming a clear & perfect Channel.

I will be taking you right through on how to protect,achieve a trance state,exercises to allow you to be open for your Guides whether it be through Healing ,Relaying messages,Any of the Arts ;Singing,Writing, etc.


I Rosalie, along with the assistance of Ra ,Isis & your Guides will be guiding you in a gentle way to connect to your Guides by being a clear and perfect Channel.

To be a Clear channel ,there needs to be no blocks so that is what this course is all about.

Once the blocks are cleared you will be able to open your channel and be ready for t,his will be what we all be doing in this New Earth so you will be ready, we have arrived , feel it.

If you have any further questions, you can email me via [email protected] or speak to me on skype so add me, my skype name is roseashm & so I will acceot you just mention query class Öpen to Channel"    Looking forward to hearing from you, Namaste Rosalie






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