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Conversations with Isis  & Ra

 We, Isis and I have decided to post our conversations regularly as each one always have a message that is important for not only for me but for anyone who follows Isis and her guidance.

Sometimes Isis can wake me up at very early times in the morning, however after years of encouraging her to come at later times she is listening. 

I have mentioned Ra as well because he also has conversations with me too and if he does have an important message he will not come any later than 3am, that is his time and no encouraging will change that lol.

 20th October 20116

Isis has much concern for the earth and mankind with so many having anger and hate in their hearts giving out such negative energy in the world.

"Rosalie I am seeing all that negative energy spilling onto regular families, I have never noticed so many family murder/suicides ever before, so so sad, this can be overflow from the war, the fights between the countries, the children being stopped even not having a chance of a life.

I am sad even to talk about it Rosalie however I must stress there must be a pouring out of light from all to overcome the sadness, there has to be a way."

Mother earth is crying and letting you know the only way she does know how, your home needs you too"

"Did you notice  some changes that happened on the full moon? many found it difficult however change is usually only temporary and especially physically you will welcome.

Notice your hearing abilities as well, that should be a lot clearer along with your inner sight, experiment, play & notice."

I will let you wake up more now and begin your day with Love & Blessings Dear Rosalie " 

Thank you Isis I love you, Blessings 

 24th October

 Isis gently wakes me early today as she knows I must rise as I will be training Isis High Priestesses with Madalyn early morning and Isis knows I am not a morning person who needs some coffee to wake but when she has messages for me it must be before my coffee.

"Good morning Rosalie, I have a few messages before training today, I know I probably repeat myself a little about how much sadness there is where there is such a lack of love in the world and the planet is suffering because of it.

Mankind suffers also and Love must be restored which will be one of the main principles of the circles that the Priestesses will be working on which will I know help in many ways. 

I feel throughout the training so much love from the students they are perfect for the job , they will  begin the task of returning the love of the name Isis instead of the negative when people hear that name.

All the students are connecting  closer  & closer and it is such a pleasure getting to know each one, such beautiful souls.

The power of Love is more powerful than any weapon when it is backed by so many with the right intention always,  and the more people with the same faith and trust.

 I give thanks to you Rosalie and your Soul Sister Madalyn for being the ones to carry the tasks I wish for the earth and mankind, much Love to you both & Blessings till we speak"again, I am Isis"

Thank you Isis I love you xxx


 November 2nd 2016

Isis woke me up early rather excited this morning to tell me that  November is a very powerful month world wide and many people will be aware of taking their power back including people in power places.

This will also be noticed within Mother Earth, changes will make for unsettled weather as the ones acting out on her will overflow onto her which will affect the tides and storms.

You all can make a difference by keeping the calm as much as possible and putting this intent out into the universe .

So many do not think you have the power to do so however you all are such mighty creators, so go out into the groups you attend and create calmness and it will be a definite assistance.

We give thanks always for your service Dear one and  I my Love I extend to you and your Friends I am happy to hear you are gathering soon to send Healing out to the Earth and Mankind, this

made me so excited , I had to wake you this morning  and talk with you.

Blessings till we speak again, I love you "


 November 6th

Isis wakes me with a message- "Rosalie I am very happy with the Circle we had on Saturday with your first practice of the Atlantean Medicine Wheel, this brought fond memories of home, I give many thanks for this, it uplifted the energy to all in the circle and sent such good positive energy out into the universe where it was felt as well as all over the globe, it will make a difference, please remember this and for those who could not attend will also notice a healing effect, that was a good thing to do Dear one.

When there is so much angst in the world at present, the more we all can do that is positive the better you all can cope by keeping your heart open and know there still is positive and gentleness around.

The most unrest is not with the general everyday people, it is with people in power, in Government , people who are supposed to be leaders ,so it is p to all of you to keep the calm and peace and like a ripple it can grow because if they are not thinking of your best interests then you must take into our hands, take back your power and create your own peace, your own New Earth, you can do it with our help.

I thank you for your service, for your love of being there to bring peace and healing to the earth and mankind, till we speak again, I love you, Blessings "

Thank you Isis I love you & thank you for your guidance, Love & Protection always xxx


 November 11 11

Isis wakes me very early at 4.30am, I was not amused but I dare not show it.

"Rosalie, It is Isis , a very important day for all to focus upon... not to look at the media, there is too much chaos, far too much anger and negative energy on such a wonderful day of remembering Love, yes place capitals on Love today

11 11 is a Day to Remember Love :)  it is a day no matter what is going on around you in the world we remember 11 is a Master number telling you to be aware today of higher energies coming in and that your guides that are close by :)

11 11 is such a special day today because it is reminding you of who you truly are as it is bringing your female and male together as one, Love is the special key of the day.

Your DNA is being healed today as in being activated which will make a difference.

Remember Love, Peace and all your Guides and Angels who surround you on this day 11 11."

 Thank you for your service Dear One "

I thank you Dear Isis , I love You always 

Love & Blessings to All, Rosalie Muir :)



 14th November  Super Moon Day.

Isis wakes me at 5am "Good morning Rosalie on this beautiful Moon day, be gentle with yourself today, watch what you eat, make sure it is good wholesome food, nothing heavy .

Meditate and look back on your life and be happy with what you have achieved, forgive those you haven't as yet, do not carry any unforgiveness as they lay a weight on you that you don't need and cannot go into the fifth dimension.

You will feel extra sensitive today so just let the tears flow, don't hold them back, they need to wash away the feelings you have, you know the ones you keep in check while you are helping others, just let go........... dear one, let go..............

This Moon comes with more transformation so of course there will be ups and downs with your emotions and confusions, it is just you being out of your comfort zone again but it won't last for long,once again you need to be patient ,something humans are not very good at .

Enjoy looking at the beautiful Moon tonight and I will be there somewhere in the picture as well, I just love this time of the full moon, till we speak again Dear One, I love you and wish you a beautiful night, Blessings"

Thank you Isis and I love you, thank you for your guidance and Love, Blessings xx


 December 9th 

Isis wakes me  with a soft tap and says "I won't disturb you too long Dear One, I know I have given you so many tasks to do at present that is why I haven't come to have a casual chats.

You are doing so many tasks at the same time which I know is your specialty but you must take some time out especially with your man, you are not doing this so I am here to remind you to do so.

And to remind others to keep the balance with families especially em paths as they so easily feel left out and this causes problems with relationships.

I notice earth people become extremely emotional at this time of the year so it is of great importance to keep close with each other and care for yourself by not running yourself too thin.

So many good energies are being sent to you , so much to look forward to , time to celebrate & I don't mean opening presents under the Christmas tree, the gifts are within.

Take care Drear One I am with you always and I am so happy with what you and Madalyn are preparing for the final day of Ordination, I love you both, Bless you till we speak again"

Thank you Isis I love you & I thank you  




 27th January 2017  Firstly I Rosalie would like to apologise to all that have been following these conversations last year and they came to a stop.

Well then came Christmas so I has a break from my usual activities and I told Isis I was going to also not going to be tied down to reporting our conversations, of course they didn't stop, I would never want them to but I became lazy and didn't write them here, sorry.

The rest of the time we have been preparing for the next Training of the Isis High Priestesses which begins in another week so Isis & I with Madalyn Kennedy have  much to prepare.

However this morning  Isis woke me very early------I am Isis & I wish to remind people not to fear the dark that are trying so hard to step over the Lightworkers, I repeat....do not fear, so many are around you that are here to help keep them away, its not only Angelic forces it is many Star people arriving to assist, it is being seen by those who are able to see, what I mean by able is that if you are seeing with 5th or 6th dimensional eyes you will see who is here to help however if you ask a partner who is not awake & is still 3D they will think you are nuts or will laugh at you so don't bother, just know you are safe & trust in the light & the Divine Dear Ones.

Your Mother Gaia is not happy at present with all that is happening on the surface with the humans that are in negative mode.

Lack of respect in all ways is happening with humans in the governments as well as the peoples then it comes down to Gaia , there is as much lack of respect to her so it shows up in storms and earthquakes etc, can you blame her for being angry ??

It has to turn around for peace to be restored & it will this I am sure of because there is more Lightworkers aiming for a peaceful outcome than not.

Dear Ones my Love and protective wings are guiding you all to the best outcome always, you are never alone.

Until we speak again, may Love, Light & Peace surround you always.

Thank you Isis for your Love , Guidance & Protection xx