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I Am Isis 


 I Am Isis

My Beloveds I come to speak to you from the Divine Feminine within to the Divine Feminine to you all as it is awakening so strong right now, I see such grandeur, so much pride and yet still there is self doubt of your ability to stay that way.

I know this is past conditioning beliefs,sD learning, it's almost gone so continue to release & release with the violet flame is the speediest. Be gentle with yourselves.

Dear Ones, as the Divine Feminine is a direct connection to source,take my hand, call my name or Ra or any of your Angels to guide you, we do not leave you alone, ever.

Meditate regular with periods of silent times will bring more answers to your questions and give more connection to source.

Take back your power, you have a right to be here as the glorious Divine Feminine to love & beloved, your heart is so full of joy, people gather round you to feel the same vibration.

Your power center is open wide knowing exactly where you are going and always aware of not giving it way, which will awaken self love. 

 Take some times Dear Ones to connect to Father Sky & Mother Earth and take in the grounding energy to assist you in keeping a balance within, as you go through the energies tends toshake up your physicalso much,it is all about expansion too,and when that happens, there is always release, know it will pass too.

Of course right now the energies of Taurus is about learning & sharingand teaching so this fits in beautifully with this message from me to you as we have started our learning journey together with many beautiful Priestesses in training.

Dear Ones , every  day, learn something, go out of your way to learn, find something that is that is not only useful in your search but something that lifts your spirits then share it with another to lift theirs, make a difference, no matter how small in another's life, such a good feeling to do.

To make the Divine Feminine complete you must always remember your inner child, keeping time for play & fun to keep the heart young& loving life, this is of great importance, and she needs your attention.

Beloved Ones, you are a Beacon of Light upon the Earth are much needed and required as much Light is needed in the days ahead.

You ARE making a difference, Dear Ones! Know this and please continue you your efforts.

With much Love and Gratitude, 

Isis co-creating with Rosalie 


 Please share as long as you give credit and you do not change anything , thank you, Rosalie Muir 











Isis, I hear you calling.........


 Isis, I hear you calling.....


I am Isis ,

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I hear you calling out to me, the hardship you are going through with the energies, I know, but do you feel

the loving energies I send to you to soften the stronger ones?.


If you are the ones who are feeling it the most , embrace them, hug them for you are the Masters

who are about to receive your full Master ship.


You see as wonderful as it is to be fully awakened and in high consciousness, you feel more as you are more sesitive

so you need to nurture yourself as much as you are able to & if you need more help then ask for it from me and others who can,

remember, ask & you shall receive, we always wait for you to ask because sometimes you may be wanting to learn before any help

is given and we always respect you for this.


So much is happening now at this time you may feel like your head is spinning so keep grounded and present at all times while

you are moving up the dimensions from 5 6 7 8 dimension is such an enormousness feat for you,so do not be hard on yourselves because

you are Healers and you are unwell.


This I find amusing with you Healers that you are hiding or upset or even angry because you being a Healer isn't handling

this time better, of course you are human and usually giving of yourself so much and not looking after yourself as much

as you should be is why, so take some time right now and heal YOU.


This time is actually a very exciting time as you will be ready as the light codes flood the planet and you are empowered by them

so you will fel no fear, have no anxiety,and be the Masters you are to guide those who are new and young looking for your guidance

and knowledge to lead them where they are looking to go.


Your Star Brother and Sisters are on their way to meet you and with all the light codes being sent to the planet will make it much

easier for this to finally happen and for all to be open and ready to accept with open hearts a welcome.


I am Isis sending Blessing of Love, Peace & Joy to All,Namaste



I give thanks to Co-creating with Rosalie on this day August 5th 2016



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Isis sharing on 9 9 9

I am Isis on 9 9 9 

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Beloved ones,


I come to speak to you today on such a beautiful day of such empowerment  within so such fulfillment within,


so many have have been struggling to complete yet I am here to say stop, you are enough, you are such magnificent


souls who have journeyed long, and now you are about to reap the rewards, so open your heart wide to receive all the glory

that is about to unfold.


So your light sometimes dims a little to you, however it always remains bright to us, as we know you are the light being that you are

always serving others often before yourself.


As you have become one with source, you are learning and realising now that others need to find their connection to source as you have.


We ask you not to live in the past and always in the now however in your times of feeling like you are failing, this is


the time to look back and see just how far you have come, especially today on this day of completion, see how much you have completed.


Success is the number nine and success does not have to be how many certificates you have on the wall, think about all you have succeeded


write them down, you will have qite a list, I know you will, you are successful light beings who have succeeded the school of life ,

the hardest school in all of the universe.


day of resonance with the highest light you can express in your physical body.

In service to humanity and all life.


No matter how busy take this day to do something really beautiful for yourself. Like go somewhere in nature that brings joy to you,


or sit in among-st your busy day and pause to remember yourself and your connection to all life and feel the peace within with a few deep breathes


to allow your essences to come through more and your mind to take a rest.


Be Loving and accepting of yourself completely with a deep love for all humanity and your home, Mother Earth.


Release all the past that doesn't belong so that you can open yourself to the higher dimensions & consciousness that are here for you today.

Bless them all and bid them farewell.


No more duality , All is One, One heart, One Love , We are One, I Love you All, I am Isis , Blessings


Received today from Isis to Rosalie September 9-9-!6 


Please share as long as there is credit shown and nothing is changed, Namaste Rosalie Muir <3 <3











Isis -Preparation --26th November

Preparation Time

I am Isis,

I speak to you today my Beloveds as it has been a time of time of silence from me as it has been important

for all to go within to connect to your heart and soul on all the matters that you need to work on for


 the coming weeks.

 The New Moon when the Sun and Moon are One, a time when you are spiritually a Warrior and you can make a leap in consciousness.

 Once it again allows you the opportunity for newness in your life however to have any new beginnings

it is important to have gotten rid of the last of what does not serve your highest good.

I say Dear one at this time Joy is the main emotion so while there may be many other emotions at this time keep focusing on the joy in your heart to keep your focus for as new project, job relationship, home or whatever makes your heart sing.

Living and working is always successful when your heart is singing, raising your consciousness

in made easy so keep your heart happy.

All of this need to be said as the Gemini Full Moon is approaching in a week and with it brings a very intense time as the heart

of the Mother Gaia comes with Inner Earth Sun, she has a sun in her heart that connects to the sun in each of you.

Mother Gaia has requested that you take time out at the time of the full moon which will help balance those energies but also she asks to connect more by lying on the ground to meditate or even just silent time,

 just to Be.

Mother also wishes you to experience hearing some of her frequencies she is sending while you are on the ground, you will hear through your middle ear.

Gaia is sending much Love, Healing & Light at this time for all & to love each other soul to soul.


So Dear Ones there is so much happening in a short time however it is full of love & Oneness & I am with you as One,

I thank you for your Love till we speak again, Blessings


Thank you for your Guidance & Love always, Isis, I love you, Rosalie


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 24th December 2016

I am Isis

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Dear Beloveds

I come to speak to you on this eve of Christ- mass to spread many wishes to all and to those especially to so many on the earth

who are so in need of your prayers and help in any way.


I feel a sadness that the people who take on my name with so much hate in their heart and unnecessarily hurt many even children

is beyond my understanding and is heartbreaking it has to stop.


I am pleading to their high selves because their lower selves could not hear and this is where you must as hard as it is  to send

the violet flame to transmute the energy around their higher selves before you even work on them, yes, it must be done.

As you are doing this you have many helping you, your Star Brothers and Sisters are standing by as they have been, ready to step in

when the time is right, 2017 is the time.


This is a special time of the year and it always seems to bring out emotions of sadness in families but you don't need more sadness.

As you celebrate and open your gifts remember opening your hearts to one another gives as much if not more pleasure than the gift

you just unwrapped.


 you have a very exciting New Year with the Golden Rising Phoenix which is so important, New Beginning with rising out of the ashes,

no matter how hard it has been this year for you, you are going to rise up out of it and flourish.


The Pheonix was known in ancient times bursting from Ra's heart, I know there are different explanations, however, I know it to be the soul of Osiris.

It was often standing showing beginning of time, also beginning of a day, times always beginnings.


Rebirth, so 2017 is a year when you can't help but begin, so rise with an open heart ready to listen to your body and ask it what it needs so

you can begin to let it rise out of dis-ease so it can easily assist you in ascension this year.


As the Pheonix rises so does ascension so next work on getting more out of your mind and into the higher realms where you are going to be

working more and meeting those who are there already.


You have so much to look forward to in 2017, this is the year you have been waiting for!!

Enjoy your holiday, Blessings to All, My Love to you and All!

Blessings & Love to you Isis


Received this day 24th December 2016

Please share giving credit without altering anything, Thankyou

Rosalie Muir www.thecrystalgteway.org

 Isis has been silently giving me messages because of the upcoming training but they will return after she has completed her instructions.


 Ra was the message that came through next and because of the business of that period I didn't get a chance to put it up.

On the 28th & 29th I passed Master Reiki & Master Seichem to Catherine Johnston  and this brought a message from Ra!

"Well Done Catherine ! well done, you have followed your destiny call and you will not look back , you are an example to many, I say this here instead of just to you in person as this needs to be heard. Many hear their calling but ignore and live in regret, so sad, the human life is so short , I do not understand how or why people  do not take life in both hands and live.

 What you give in life you receive so go forth now Catherine and be ready to receive it all , my love to you, Blessings from Ra and All on High .









Isis shares tonight on the full moon 7th August.2017

I am Isis,

Dear Beloveds, I speak to you tonight on this beautiful bright full moon with so much love for you in my heart I wish to express to tell you no matter what turbulence the energies are throwing you around so that you don’t know where you are going or if you are in the right place, I can assure you, you are Dear Ones and doings so perfectly, in fact as it passes, the changes within you will be noticeable on every level in your heart, body, & mind as you feel the connection to the Divine Oneness to source.

Since I have returned and been so close to you while so much transformation has been happening, the unconditional love that is shared to the Earth and each other even though you are suffering yourselves is commendable, the closeness to so many that are strangers to one another are showing more the Oneness through social media which is linking Sisters and Brothers all over the globe that are not related but are now friends closing the gap of separation.

You keep wondering when this will end with all the releases that keep taking place, you are rebirthing actually, a new body & mind connected to the heart, the divine mind and heart, actually it is all up to you now because after these final portals that are opening and downloads if you wish to call them that , you are the Creator of your own Bodies so whatever you wish to create for yourselves it will be done, it’s your turn, You will be the Master of your Destiny.

Look within and keep your heart open, nurture yourself first, the Light codes that are being downloaded to you are flowing through you now so it’s impossible to hold onto those past hurts that keep you trapped in fear and has control over you. If you cannot release this yourself many of us have healing modalities that can, let us help you quickly so you can be set free to join us.

More and more you will find yourself enjoying quiet time going within , Meditation will become more regular as you connect with us in the higher realms but that will not only be in Meditation, it will be at all times when you request our attention, we love to be there for you always.

As you become more aware of being multidimensional beings, you will also be aware of our visitors from our other planets that are among you now; they can be seen with eyes that are awakened.

Animals can also be aware of Spirit and visitors of other Planets so when you see them barking or meowing at unseen places that you maybe not seeing, this is a sign you have a visitor.

Please remember the Magic within You, there is so much you have to give, so much Love & Light runs through your veins, spread it out through each part of your body for Healing, then share it to who you wish, I see you shining so bright so don’t let your light go dull so many who are looking for the light can see it and follow, always remembering your Mother Earth who is transforming with you, she always needs your love and light.

I Love and Bless you Dear Ones, I Am Isis

As received by Rosalie Muir this day 7th August 2017

Please share giving credit www.thecrystalgateway.org


Goddess Isis with a personal message 20-9-17
I am Isis
Beloved ones I come to speak with you this day with such joy and love for I know so many of you at this time are realising the power within is bursting forward like a sunflower’s petals, bright yellow happy petals out from your solar chakra of course…..and you are feeling it, the strength, your own inner power streaming out ready to take on whatever you need to do, leaving the uncertainties behind.
Your own healing can now begin to complete so that you can get back to healing others which is one of your missions and the other to be of helping Gaia & other countries in such need, you must heal yourself first, keep all your energy to yourself until you are ready.
Rainbows surround each of you; your pot of gold is within the depths of your being.
Look into the heart chamber that beats to the rhythm of the cosmic heart, the mother heart who so loves and appreciates all efforts no matter what size to elevate her spirits.
You are aligned to the new earth energies that shine around your present moments.
Those moments that bring the sighs of peace, a peace that can be of a natural state of being if only you will embrace it as it appears.
There is so much going on over the globe that needs assistance but this message today is a personal message for each of you as I keep saying that if you personally will heal within then you will be able to do much for all then all will be well, all will be in peace, in Love together as One Heart beating healed, this is my wish, I wish you all my love & my blessings, Namaste
Thank you Isis I love you so much as we all do xxx
This was received today @ 3.46pm 20-9 17
Please share without changing anything Namaste
Rosalie Muir