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Meditation for Peace        

Let the creative part of you create your experience. Working in the spirit realms is playful and joyous. Your imagination is real and very powerful. Peace begins within each one of us. So first I invite you to go within and find that place of peace with in the center of your being.
Let us begin by relaxing the outer self. Imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful translucent light. Allow this light to wrap around your body. Imagine that as these beautiful particles of light touch your skin your muscles being to relax. See this light bathing the tissues and organs of your body, bringing peace, relaxation, and healing everywhere it goes. Allow this light to flood your emotions and your mind. Imagine that your thoughts are still and clear like a mountain lake at sunrise. Imagine that your emotions are like a gentle spring breeze filled with wisps of love and joy. Follow this light as it leads you deep within your inner being which is naturally filled with peace. You might imagine that this place of inner peace resembles your favorite peaceful place in the outer world.
Picture yourself on the most beautiful beach or mountain lake you have ever seen. You choose the image that most reflects this place of peace within you. It might be a scared shrine or a scene in nature. If you don't know what image to choose imagine that you do and let your imagination take you there. Allow yourself to sense all the sights, sounds, and sensations of this image. Experience the exquisite beauty of this special place. You might feel the sunlight on your skin and notice the fragrances around you. Allow the quiet sounds to take you deeper into that sense of peace within you. Peace is always ours. It is based on the Divine presence that dwells within us. As we create more peace within our lives we contribute to world peace. I will give you a moment to sit quietly in this profound peace. Imagine that this peace is enveloping you like a warm blanket. Let yourself become the spirit of peace.
Notice that the spiritual essence of peace is laced with love, acceptance, and forgiveness. To create more peace in your outer life you must release love, acceptance, and forgiveness into your everyday situations and relationships.
Take a moment now and imagine that you are pouring the power of love, acceptance, and forgiveness into your life. As you do, the places in your life that are less than harmonious will come into your mind. Direct love, acceptance, and forgiveness to these situations and relationships. Allow yourself to forgive anyone, past or present that has hurt you or even just offended you. Imagine this essence of forgiveness cleansing all those places where you hold resentment, hurts, or fears. Visualize your heart center opening and the power of love and acceptance is flowing into every situation and relationship in your life. Experience the sense of lightness and freedom that only forgiveness and love can bring. Now that we have created more peace in our life, we are ready to join our Inner Peace with the Inner Peace of all the people around the world who are praying.
Imagine that the Inner Peace within you is flowing out of you like a stream of light. See it joining the light flowing out of peace prayers all around the world. Imagine that this light is flooding the entire planet with the essence of Divine Peace. In your imagination see this Divine Peace transforming every one it touches. Imagine people putting down their weapons, and seeing their so-called enemies for the first time as their brothers and sisters. Imagine this light quenching the fires of rage within each and every heart. Imagine the power of forgiveness opening the hearts of people all around the world and releasing all the old feelings of hurt, anger, and revenge. See this old energy floating up and out of our atmosphere completely transmuted. Imagine the power of love inspiring people to create new ways for us to live together in harmony and prosperity. Imagine the force of love empowering leaders all over the world to create lasting peace agreements that ensures safety, respect, freedom, and prosperity to people everywhere. Imagine that Divine peace, love, and light are the prevailing forces upon the earth forever and ever. Now call forth a sense of joy and expectancy from within you. Imagine that you are joining in a worldwide celebration of peace. See everyone dancing, singing, and shouting with joy for through our prayers we have created peace on earth. Combine this image with a your sense of joy and let it go.
As you come out of this prayer meditation carry this feeling of peace with you throughout the day. Remember to use the force of love and forgiveness many times today.